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Paul Coles - Managing Director

Thank you for visiting us here at Twisted Solutions. I am proud to be the managing director and will be more then happy to answer any questions about our service you may have.

You can also find me on Linked in by clicking Here



Katie Coles - Secretary and Administration

Katie is a valued member here at Twisted Solutions. She manages all our administration and and keeps things running smoothly for us. She is more then happy to help out with any questions you may have, or pass on questions to the right people to have them answered as quick as possible for you.



Who Are We: Twisted Solutions is a small company that makes working with us as stress free as possible by turning your ideas into reality. We are a small friendly team that has many connections that allows us to really build the best solutions for your company. We cater for Large, small or even start-up businesses that need to take their companies to the next level.


What We Do:

We specialize in a range of development areas that range from iOS development to full insurance systems. We have worked on many projects around the world including Europe and South Africa. (Click here to see our clients).

• For iOS we can develop all types of applications, this includes all development from graphic designs, code development, test and any general help you may require along the journey to producing an amazing product. Please take a moment to take a look at some of the Apps we have worked on in association with our sister company, Apptronics Ltd Here.

• We can handle any Tia requirements from full implementations to minor updates or new functionality. We can also offer full support solutions to suit your needs.

• For PL/SQL and Oracle Forms, we can offer solutions for any functionality on request from small functionalities to full solutions to bring your ideas to life.




We have over 10 Years professional experience and have worked on a wide range of different types of projects around the world. Some of these projects include:-

Motor insurance
Building and Home Contents insurance
E-Trans solutions
Customer Credit check systems
 Electronic Documentation solutions
 Motor EDI Submission
PL/SQL Automatic SMS sending solutions
iOS functionallity apps
Kids iOS apps
Full iOS Physics game apps
iOS photography apps
Creative iOS apps
And Many more solutions




Apptronics: Here at Apptronics , we are very grateful and privileged to have Paul working along side us as our development Director.
He is a driving force, full of ideas, pioneering new techniques and innovative ways of providing solutions to enable us to produce high quality iOS applications.
He is a pleasure and fun to work with, always ready to lend a helping hand and adapt to the fast changing world of mobile development.
Thank you Paul, for all your dedication, hard work, passion and commitment and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.


Oriac Solutions: Dipak Kerai , Director - ORIAC SOLUTIONS
I have known Paul for many years now and as an fellow IT consultant I have been impressed with the focus and professionalism that he has with his clients.
His proactive and common sense approach to resolving issues has helped our company maintain its prestigious reputation within the Insurance sector.


Verex Group: "Hi Paul,

I have always found the work you have done for us to be of the highest quality, and you act with a high level of professionalism and commitment to the delivery of objectives on time. In many occasions, this requires additional out of hours work, and this has never been an issue.

The nature of our agreement does cause issues from time to time when day to day issues compromise the time available for development. When this occurs we have always managed to find a way through the issues together, and I feel you have always engaged in those discussions in a pro-active and positive manner.
Where other parties are responsible for delivering part of the solution, you have engaged with them appropriately and have helped them to meet their deliverables.

Your understanding of the TIA platform and our instance of it is extremely thorough, and you manage the split of responsibilities between support, development, testing and general TDA for the solution well.

Thank you for all your work - it is most appreciated.

Kind regards

Darren Parker"


"Hi Paul

To echo Darren's comments, the fact that the coding/development of all of the above has been achieved, is testament to Paul's professionalism, intricate and in-depth understanding of TIA/SQL/databases (and our bespoke implementation of it), and an admirable work ethnic. Having worked closely with Paul on a day-today basis on the above, I would like also like to say on an ongoing basis, that he is excellent and easy to work with, provides insightful/communicative comments and recommendations on our requirements, and what may be needed in the future. Furthermore, his turnaround time on providing fixes/resolutions to unforeseen issues that arise is also excellent, as well as providing advice that allows us to pre-empt issues before they may arise. Whilst I also agree with Darren that it is also not ideal we have a single person responsible for support and new development, the fact that Paul manages this for us is a reflection of his skill as a developer, and his work ethic, especially around key deadlines, with Paul occasionally literally working all hours to get the work done. ( and I know in there has been quite a few working up until the small hours times Paul!!!!).

All in all, I would like to thank Paul for his excellent contribution as a developer to Verex and all his work, it has been outstanding, especially seeing as the work has often come in thick and fast, and sometimes at short notice. (especially with the underwriter transition) Additionally, from a personal point of view (as I am possibly the Verex person who works with Paul most), I would also like to add he is also great to work with, very hard working, an excellent communicator, and highly professional at all times, and would be very happy to vouch for his work, and character at any time.

Tom Bowen"

"Hello Paul

By the time I left Verex Paul was very much the mainstay of Verex development team working with Tom Bowen. This would involve everything from specification, planning, development and testing.

Paul was always professional and could be trusted to do what he said he would do. During the time he worked at Verex he developed both in terms of his professionalism.
Paul commitment to the project was never in doubt and he would always be prepared to work long hours and weekends when the job required it. If anything this led to him occasionally being taken advantage of or for granted.

It is my view that Verex were very lucky to have Paul as our principal consultant during this period. Our businesses development coincided with Paul developing as a consultant.
I would be very happy to work with Paul again on a project.

Ian Bowen"
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